Peter Pommerer belongs to a generation of young artists who have devoted special attention to drawing and thereby reflected on a medium that has been pushed into the background of the contemporary art scene. This renewed interest in drawing frequently goes beyond the traditionally set limits of the drawing paper and often, as in Pommerer's case, develops into a gesture that fills walls and occupies rooms. Ornament plays a many-sided role in this process - as a pictorial form that is to be used in new ways and as a structurally ambivalent artistic figure that can neither be reduced to a purely repetitive form empty of content nor be entirely absorbed into an objective narrative. In Pommerer's world the drawing instrument develops a microcosm whose theatrical, stagelike aura seeks not only to seduce us into diving into a parallel world of fairy tales but also makes us constantly aware of the artificial and invented character of its constructions, which often recur in architectonic forms. The special quality of his artistic practice, however, lies in the temporality of his installations.

Stephan Berg; in: Peter Pommerer, Wiegeschritt, Nürnberg, 2002, p. 4