Showroom view, Galerie Martin Janda, 2022, Photo: Manuel Carreon Lopez /

Booth A14

Galerie Martin Janda is pleased to show works by Hugo Canoilas and Chin Tsao (曹晶) at viennacontemporary 2022.

The universe for Hugo Canoilas’ work is the deep sea, considered by the artist as a speculative field capable of absorbing projections of a non-colonised future. The deep sea provides us with a tangible experience of new forms of life, which we observe through the gathered data, specimens, and media collected by robots. Thus technology, biology, and art come together in an exercise, or attempt, to breach beauty with the purpose of creating greater empathy for all forms of life. His work acknowledges otherness, and he refers to post-humanist currents of thought that question an anthropocentric view of the world, and call for an empathetic approach to nature [...]


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