Jun Yang: The Monograph Project

Book presentation, 04.06.2015

Jun Yang: The Monograph Project

Book presentation with Jun Yang, Barbara Steiner and Oliver Klimpel

Thursday, 4. June 2015, 8 pm
Top Kino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna

Jun Yang’s monograph is a series of six books, which altogether form one monograph, though it might be surprising when looking at all issues. Formats, papers, covers, printing techniques, and most importantly, the name of the artist change: from June Young, Yang Jun, Tun Yang, Yi Chuan to Jan Jung, and Jun Yang. The six-part monograph is structured alongside key issues and key projects the artist has done over the past eighteen years.

According to its general definition, a monograph is a specialist work of writing on a single subject, usually by a single author. This is also the case here: the subject is the work of Jun Yang and the monograph is overseen by one editor, yet many authors write. However, the comprehensive Monograph-Project is not an overly ambitious monograph that celebrates one artist’s work—on the contrary, it challenges the genre of monographs, monographic and biographic writing centred round the persona of one artist and his oeuvre. The emphasis is placed on various subjects, all the more, the project suggests “different” artists by varying the name of Jun Yang. Monograph and biography turn themselves into subjects of examination.

Although different in content, format, materiality, design, and—not to forget— the slightly changing name of the artist, the single books will be interrelated: projects, aspects, and visual elements will be taken up time and again, reframed and re-discussed from different angles. Again, gaps are deliberately produced to keep the entire monograph as fragmented and fragile as the issues related to it. (BS)

The concept has been developed by Jun Yang and Barbara Steiner, and translated into a visual format by Oliver Klimpel. The Monograph Project will be published with Jovis Verlag (Berlin).

More information: The Monograph Project


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