Adriana Czernin: Chaos & Ordnung

Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria, 24.02.–30.04.2023

Adriana Czernin: Chaos & Ordnung

Adriana Czernin, Untitled, 2016, watercolour, pencil, coloured pencil on paper, 180 x 260 cm

Balance, proportionality and harmony were once concepts applied to refer to the beauty of a composition (pictorial, poetic, musical...). These concepts connected to the idea that nature is subject to a necessary order.
In the present day, this perception has changed. Today, the prevailing opinion is that the laws of nature are subject to dynamic systems.

Balance, harmony - ORDNUNG - are not necessarily opposed to indeterminacy, chance - CHAOS.

CHAOS & ORDNUNG are the basis of the dialectical game that is the focus of this exhibition: constructed compositions in the tradition of concrete-geometric art are juxtaposed with those of a subjective character that approach certain forms of lyrical expression. In all of them, however, the validity of these two essential concepts CHAOS & ORDNUNG is evident, coexisting in a dominant and creative force.

The participating artists: Mária Balážová, Levente Bálványos, Adriana Czernin, Viktor Hulík, Peter Kogler, Vera Molnár, Claus Prokop, Hajnalka Tarr and György Varga represent Austria, Hungary and Slovakia - all three of which have a long tradition of concrete and geometric art.

Under the name "Entropy & Cosmos", the exhibition was already shown in a similar arrangement in 2022 in Budapest's Museum Vasarely and in Gallery Z in Bratislava.

Curators of all three exhibitions: Pia Jardí and Júlia N. Mészáros.


Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt



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