Nilbar Güreş: Le Salon Turc, part of ULAY WAS HERE

with Pierre Bal-Blanc, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Nilbar Güreş: Le Salon Turc, part of ULAY WAS HERE

Nilbar Güres, Under the Skin, 2019

Upon invitation from the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, in the framework of Ulay Was Here (21.11.2020 – 30.05.2021), de Appel presents:

Here is Ulay with

Georgia Sagri (20.11.2020 – 18.01.2021)
Pierre Bal-Blanc ft. Nilbar Güreş a.o. (19.01. – 30.05.2021)
Lotte Reimann (02.03. – 30.05.2021)

Working at the intersection of curatorial and artistic practice, Pierre Bal-Blanc proposes Le Salon Turc, a ‘conversation score’, written in response to Ulay’s own notation of his 1976 action Irritation: there is a Criminal Touch to Art. By reading the conversation score as it appears right below this text, viewers can find out more about the sculptural contribution of artist Nilbar Güreş as well as the selection of a painting from the Stedelijk’s collection by Jean Brusselmans and a musical theme by Camille Saint-Saëns.

de Appel Amsterdam present the conversation score Le Salon Turc in room 1.15 of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Text by Pierre Bal-Blanc




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