Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler: CARLONE CONTEMPORARY

Belvedere, Vienna, 18.03.–12.09.2021

Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler: CARLONE CONTEMPORARY

Photo: Johannes Stoll / Belvedere, Wien

As part of the exhibition series CARLONE CONTEMPORARY, in spring 2021 the Belvedere will be presenting sculptural objects by Irene and Christine Hohenbüchler. These were included in a generous gift to the museum comprising works by these two Austrian artists. The sculptures are to enter into a dialogue with the Carlone Hall’s allegorical pictorial program and the history of the Baroque palace. 

Participation, grappling with social and political questions, opening up the creative process, and examining the idea of authorship are all characteristics of Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler’s oeuvre. This large group of works in this gift to the Belvedere includes early pieces from the 1990s, examples of multiple authorship that were often created in collaboration with people from socially marginalized groups. 

It is difficult to take in the wide variety of Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler’s work. It encompasses large-scale installations as well as paintings, drawings, sculptures, furniture objects, textile elements, and projects in public spaces.

Curated by Stella Rollig.

Upper Belvedere


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