Nilbar Güres: Tell me

Kunstverein Reutlingen, 17.11.2019–02.02.2020

Nilbar Güres: Tell me

Nilbar Güres, Cemile is Standing (from the series Open Phone Booth), 2011

The heart of the solo exhibition Erzähl mir (Tell me) by the artist Nilbar Güreş is the work Open Phone Booth. Kunstverein Reutlingen will exhibit it in Germany for the first time. Basically, Güreş is following her roots in a Kurdish and Alevi part of Turkey. She portrays this landscape and the inhabitants of a village in a very sensitive way. This area is cut off from the metropolises in infrastructural, social and political terms. Central themes of the exhibition are cultural identity, internal and external migration, questions about the concept of home, as well as the organization of minorities in relation to ruling power mechanisms. The focus is on people and their relations to each other in private as well as in public space. It is depicted how war and conflicts influenced their lives and their environment. Nilbar Güreş works in the media of painting, photography, sculpture, performance, video and collage. She lives and works in Vienna and Istanbul.

Kunstverein Reutlingen


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