Roman Ondak: Objects in the Mirror

Base / Progetti per l’arte, 14.03.–21.05.2018

Roman Ondak: Objects in the Mirror

Objects in the Mirror is the project conceived by Roman Ondak for the architectural container of Base and for the public who frequents that context. On this occasion, his displacement and regenerative approach focuses on the presence of the glass door and the window of the place. These two elements strongly characterize the space, making it visually accessible to the observer from outside and inside, and vice versa, leaving it at a safe distance beyond the glass at the same time. The title, as specified by the artist himself, derives from “Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”. This is the phrase that in some countries must, by law, be engraved on the rear-view mirrors of cars. The safety warning urges the driver to pay attention to the fact that such a convex mirror makes the objects reflected in it look smaller. The artist, creates a surreal and concrete, immaterial and engaging situation, focused on the re-formulation of the interactive modes of the subject with a world made global by electronic communications – a world that appears potentially within reach with just a click. His is not a criticism of the system, but a reflection on the mechanisms that feed it. 

Base / Progetti per l’arte


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