Gabriel Sierra: APAP 5

5th Anyang Public Art Project, 15.10.–15.12.2016

Gabriel Sierra: APAP 5

APAP 5 will present over twenty artists and collectives based in Korea and internationally, as well as artists working in Anyang and the region.

Anyang is located just over twenty kilometers south of Seoul. The fifteenth largest city in South Korea, it takes its name from a historic temple founded during the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), Anyang-sa, named for the Buddhist concept of heaven, or the utopia where people wish to be reborn. Surrounded by the Gwanak, Samseong, Suri, Cheongye, and Morak Mountains, as well as eight rivers and streams, today the city retains a strong spiritual significance.

First developed as a recreation area during the Japanese occupation and an official satellite city during the expansion of Seoul, Anyang suffered massive devastation during the Korean War, industrial pollution from the now defunct textile and paper manufacturing industries, and land displacement from flooding in the 1970s. Its rebirth has split the city in two: the wealthy bedroom community of Pyeongchon to the east, and an aging downtown in Manan-gu to the west.

Today the people of Anyang live tactile experiences of work, school, family, neighborhood, city, and nation. And like many of us, they also live in an increasingly collapsed world of real and simulated experience, striving to maintain their specificity, pace, and economic stability.

APAP 5 recognizes the uniqueness of this place and wonders how can we experience meaningful, shared moments in real time? How can such experiences improve our comprehension of the larger world? How can we expand our understanding of our roles in intersecting communities that come together to form a society and how can we appreciate the responsibilities and dreams such roles require?



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