Adrien Tirtiaux - Die weißen Wände der Welt

Villa Merkel, 23.11.2012–03.02.2013

Adrien Tirtiaux - Die weißen Wände der Welt

Adrien Tirtiaux, Den Übergang entwerfen, 2012. Photo: Gunnar Meier

The Villa Merkel is presenting an extensive solo exhibition introducing the Belgian artist Adrien Tirtiaux. Tirtiaux is a trained architect and artist who addresses three-dimensional situations. He is creating a pathway through the upper storey of the Villa Merkel looking at possibilities and impossibilities for the model in the context of artistic and architectural creativity.

The spectrum runs from utopian and unrealized projects via the political dimension of building planning, ending up with an aesthetic tribute to the model as such. Tirtiaux uses the villa itself as a model, and modifies the exhibition galleries by means of radical but also subtle interventions.

Videos and installations present evidence of poetic, performative spatial explorations: for example, an allotted bunk is converted
into a raft without further ado, and conveys the artist from Groningen to the sea (It’s a long way to the sea, 2006).

Constantly changing architectural interventions by the artist are also being created at present in The Hague (THE GREAT CUT, Stroom Den Haag) and Tours (MONUMENTALE ACADEMIE, ESBA Tours). A documentation updated during the exhibition period will be shown in the Villa Merkel to accompany the creative process.

Adrien Tirtiaux is a member and co-founder of the “Hotel Charleroi” collective, research and residential programme. Charleroi is a town on the periphery of Brussels that is undergoing a massive structural transformation. “Hotel Charleroi” offers artists the opportunity to spend time in Charleroi and to use the urban space as a studio and laboratory.

Adrien Tirtiaux (b. 1980, Brussels) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. Part of the exhibition is being created in co-operation with Helmut Heiss (b. Bolzano, lives and works in Vienna).

Villa Merkel
Galerien der Stadt Esslingen am Neckar
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73726 Esslingen am Neckar


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