Martin Arnold: Ruhe-Störung Streifzüge durch die Welten der Collage

Marta Herford, 28.09.2013–26.01.2014

Martin Arnold: Ruhe-Störung Streifzüge durch die Welten der Collage

Martin Arnold, Haunted House, 2011

The Kunstmuseum Ahlen and the Museum Marta Herford present a joint exhibition project on the contemporary significance of collage and the related forms of expression in art.

Two museums, two cities, one connection: in two renowned exhibition houses in NRW simultaneously, the technique of collage will be newly questioned in the form of a unique cooperative project – a cursory rather than a systematic journey through the history of collage from the beginnings around 1910 right up to contemporary revivals.

In contrast to its historical origins, collage is no longer bound to the use of paper and shears, but manifests itself in a lively engagement beyond the boundaries of genre and material. It is almost as if these techniques with cutting and pasting somehow correspond to contemporary attitudes towards life. In a heterogeneous world, whose full complexity can be barely grasped, the fragment receives a new function between reconstruction and the creation of new totalities.

“Ruhe-Störung” (disturbing the peace) moves between analysis and synthesis, reduction and accumulation, destruction and construction, devaluation and revaluation. Protest and resistance, unrest and upheaval, escapes and dreams, recycling and renewal, diversity of voices and cacophony, appropriation of space and the building of worlds are the thematic guiding stars that the exhibition follows.

With the Kunstmuseum Ahlen and the Marta Herford two exhibition venues are pursuing a joint idea in completely different buildings, rooms and museum focal points.

Marta Herford


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