Christian Hutzinger: The Unity of the Contradicions. Painting for example

311artworks, Istanbul, 20.09.–31.10.2013


The “absoluteness of contradiction has a twofold meaning. One is that contradiction exists in the process of development of all things, and the other is that in the process of development of each thing a movement of opposites exists from beginning to end.” Contradiction is the basis of life and drives it forward. No one phenomenon can exist without its contradictory opposite, such as victory and defeat. “Unity of opposites” allows for a balance of contradiction. A most basic example of the cycle of contradiction is life and death. There are contradictions that can be found in mechanics, math, science, social life, etc. Deborin claims that there is only difference found in the world. Mao combats this saying that difference is made up of contradiction and is contradiction. “No society—past, present, or future—could escape contradictions, for this was a characteristic of all matter in the universe.”



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