Hugo Canoilas: CLOSE/D artistic explorations in neighboring environments

Kunsthaus Wien, Vienna, Austria, 28.06.–31.10.23

Hugo Canoilas: CLOSE/D artistic explorations in neighboring environments

Hugo Canoilas, Belvedere, 2023, Photo: Iris Ranzinger

Through its CLOSE/D project, Kunst Haus Wien has chosen to enter into a dialogue with its neighbourhood and the city as a whole. Twelve artistic interventions in the public space feature ecological perspectives on the present and the future. A free programme of events invites visitors to participate in and around the TRÖSCH III Community Centre.

Over a period of four months, the Museum will be taking a broader look at its immediate surroundings and its social environment through an outdoor exhibition, adopting a neighbourly approach in the process: twelve artistic positions will feature in the public space, opening up diverse ecological perspectives on the present and the future. The invited artists will engage in a dialogue with the Earth and the atmosphere, with the flora and fauna, the Danube Canal, the urban infrastructure and architecture, and with neighbours, visitors and passers-by. The exhibition will be accompanied by workshops, neighbourhood field trips, performances and discussions on ecological and socially relevant topics. At its centre is TRÖSCH III, a retail unit that has been vacant for some time and now provides a pop-up community centre offering multiple activities.

CLOSE/D conquers new ground, i.e. the public space, so people are able to join in and take part – in passing, as it were. The public space becomes a laboratory for a new way of thinking about society and the way it is integrated into the planetary ecosystem: a place that shows not only what already exists, but also what might still exist. The project seeks to stimulate a lively debate on ecological issues, on visions for inclusive coexistence in the world both today and tomorrow, and on the potential of artistic narratives.

Kuratiert wird die Outdoor-Ausstellung von Sophie Haslinger (KUNST HAUS WIEN) und Barbara Horvath.

Simon Brugner, Hugo Canoilas, Thomas Feuerstein, Anita Fuchs, Christina Gruber, Barbara Kapusta, Barbi Marković, Ralo Mayer, Flavia Mazzanti, Claudia Märzendorfer, Anna Paul, Marie Vermont, Stephanie Winter




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