Hugo Canoilas: Tuesday@Secession

Secession, Vienna, Austria, Tuesday, 18.7.2023, 8.00 p.m.

Hugo Canoilas: Tuesday@Secession

Tuesday@Secession, Hugo Canoilas, Treffen in Guincho, 2021, Praia do Guincho, PT, Photo: Nikolai Nekh

For the third event in this year’s Tuesday@Secession series, we cordially invite you to an evening of community in the Secession’s garden. Look forward to contributions by Hugo Canoilas and Nikolaus Gansterer & Arno Böhler.

Hugo Canoilas: Treffen in Guincho – Prelude

In concordance with the evenings final act Treffen in Guincho Hugo Canoilas will begin with a culinary delight.


Nikolaus Gansterer & Arno Böhler: Tasting-Sensing-Notating-Reflecting-TIME-SPACES

A trans-lecture performance by Nikolaus Gansterer and Arno Böhler

The artist Nikolaus Gansterer employs expanded drawing to explore performative simultaneous translations of processes of thinking and speaking. The philosopher Arno Böhler will read Plato’s Timaeus as a voice from the future presenting us with a cosmogenesis that is still ongoing: how many rosy-fingered dawns have yet to rise?

On the scene, this [...]


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