Chin Tsao: On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond – Part 2

Belvedere 21, Vienna, Austria, 14.07.–15.10.2023

Chin Tsao: On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond – Part 2

Exhibition view "On the new. Viennese Scenes and Beyond – Part 2", Photo: Galerie Martin Janda

What is going on in local art scenes, studios, and alternative exhibition spaces? And how can one exhibition capture the diversity of the production and presentation of art?

Belvedere 21 already explored these questions with the 2019 show On the New. Young Scenes in Vienna, developing a dynamic, collaborative format that involved multiple contributors and a shared curatorial authorship. In addition to presenting eighteen individual artistic positions, twelve Viennese project spaces hosted rotating exhibitions within the show, each kicked off with a ‘midissage’ (midway opening) complemented by discursive events and performances.

In 2023, On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond picks up this thread and expands on the original concept. In order to provide a broader view of contemporary approaches, strategies, and discourses, the survey now also includes artists and project spaces from other parts of Austria. In an expanded [...]


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