Nilbar Güres: The Time Needs Changing

Pera Museum, 13.12.2018–17.03.2019

Nilbar Güres: The Time Needs Changing

Nilbar Güres, Elsewhere's Palm Trees, 2012–2018 (Videostill)

The Time Needs Changing questions our geo-politically controlled notions of time. The three artists in this show give alternatives to linear time, which is currently strictly enforced by the power structures under which we live.

The works of Cao Fei, Nilbar Güreş and the Raqs Media Collective release the shackles of time, and suggest alternative and parallel paths. The exhibition presents a thought-scape that draws from three different parts of the world; China, Turkey and India. The artists explore time through drawing, video, photography, installation and new media.

Time is one of the many subjects addressed by the participants of the exhibition. Their works help us better understand our relations with ourselves, as well as those with the world around us. Nilbar Güreş questions masculine linear time; Cao Fei offers us greater control in a world where real and virtual intersect; and the Raqs Media Collective liberates time itself in [...]


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