Jan Merta: Appetizer

SVIT, 01.03.–16.04.2016

Jan Merta: Appetizer

Jan Merta, Projekt, 2016

“I thought that at the age of sixty a painter should finally wake up from his dreams and paint something worthwhile. Forty years ago I began with an introverted Hussite and planned to continue with paintings that had certain references to history. For a long time I painted, or rather didn’t paint, and it wasn’t working. The images on the prepared canvases (mostly of the same format, for me a small one) took on a life of their own. The forced me to stop fearing almost infantile simplicity and varying degrees of poignancy. They did not, however, allow compromising on precision, and I had to seek what they resonated with inside my ego. Images always made things difficult for me. And it gets harder and harder. Now I don’t think it’s possible at all for a painter to unleash himself from his dreams, whether at the age of sixty or earlier or later. And I myself am very curious how these morsels will compose themselves into one [...]


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Roman Signer: Magic and Power Of Magic Carpets and Drones

Marta Herford, 27.02.–05.06.2016

The exhibition examines this parallelity of magic carpet and unmanned air vehicle using contemporary artistic means: objects, drawings, photographs, videos and installations circle between fascination and horror around a historical issue of great topicality.
The magic carpet is a legendary carpet that can be used to transport humans instantaneously or quickly to any destination. In Persian mythology King Salomon had just such a magic craft. It became world famous through the stories from “One Thousand and One Nights” and still features not only in fairy tales but also in many fantasy books and films. It combines the primeval human dream of flying with the almighty view from above and the silent agility of the spy.
In a strange way, our modern-day drones continue to weave this spell. As remote-controlled flight robots they open up almost unlimited possibilities – for goods transport and the observation of hostile terrain, for new camera flights at dizzying [...]


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ARCO 2016

Madrid 24.02.–28.02.2016

ARCO 2016

Joe Scanlan & Donelle Woolford: "Véritablement". Photo: Sebastiano Pellion

Galerie Martin Janda is showing Joe Scanlan & Donelle Woolford: Véritablement at ARCO 2016

Donelle Woolford and I decided to make this show as a way of branding her inauthenticity and selling it back to the public as part and parcel of her identity. Donelle, of course, is a fictional character, an “artist” who has “made” her own versions of Cubist paintings, Dan Graham performances, Richard Prince paintings, and Richard Pryor standup routines. And now Moroccan recipes. [...]


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Július Koller, Roman Ondák, Roman Signer: Not Knowing When the Dawn Will Come

Silvia Cintra + Box4, 18.02.–19.03.2016

Július Koller, Roman Ondák, Roman Signer: Not Knowing When the Dawn Will Come

Július Koller, Pokr(a)covania a,b (U.F.O.), 1982

Participating artists: Alek O., Eduardo T. Basualdo, Francesca Woodman, Július Koller, Leonor Antunes, Lucia Koch, Marilá Dardot, Nelson Leirner, Rodrigo Hernández, Roman Ondák, Roman Signer, Tiago Tebet, Tomás Colaço

Curator: Luiza Teixeira de Freitas

Silvia Cintra + Box4


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Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler: Die Kunst der Frau: Die Tauschausstellung

VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs, 05.02.–20.03.2016

Opening: Thursday, Feburary 4, 2016
Exhibition runs: 05.02.–20.03.2016

VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs


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