Adrien Tirtiaux: Office/Baraque

Lokaal01, 07.06.–23.06.2013

Adrien Tirtiaux: Office/Baraque

Adrien Tirtiaux (BE 1980) lives and works in Antwerp, 500 meters away from Lokaal 01. The residency in the Provinciestraat will be the occasion to reflect on the peculiar status of the space, at the same time living, working and exhibition place. Rather than conflicting, these functions converge - the everyday life as a field of experiment for performativity; the work in the studio focussing on transforming the studio; to prepare an exhibition like a nice housewarming party.

In his artistic practice, Adrien Tirtiaux deals with the specific characteristics of exhibition spaces as well as public spaces and links these sites with narrations or performative features. His interventions, which oscillate between the straightness of conceptual strategies of the 70s and the direct pictorial language of comic culture, are the result of careful examination of the given context in which Tirtiaux acts and works.

Adrien Tirtiaux studied architecture at the University of [...]


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Mladen Stilinović: Doing What You Want

Tensa Konsthall, 18.10.–13.01.2013

Doing What You Want focuses on Marie-Louise Ekman’s work from the late 1960s to the late 1980s and also includes work from the same period by Sister Corita Kent, Mladen Stilinovic and Martha Wilson. Now a key figure of cultural life in Sweden, Ekman, born in Stockholm in 1944 and currently the director of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, has embraced art, film and theatre in her own non-conformist ways. For the first time, Tensta konsthall will present Ekman’s early work together with contemporary international artists with kindred interests and spirits. The exhibition is a collaboration with Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo where it will be shown during spring 2013.
“One should do what one wants” is a line used by the eight-year old girl in Ekman’s theatrical film Mother, father, child (1977) when she has had enough of her distracted and stressed parents and frustrated grandmother. Relations and encounters between people are central in Ekman’s [...]


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Roman Ondák: Time / Resistance

Israeli Centre for Digital Art, 11.05.–27.07.2013

“Space seems to be either tamer or more inoffensive than time; we’re forever meeting people who have watches, very seldom people who have compasses.” (Georges Perec)

In the two decades since the beginning of the Information Age, there has been a ‘spatial revolution’ in art and critical theory alike. More and more texts, artworks, research, and exhibitions have begun to engage in the way the internet and other technologies are forcing us to rethink space and how it defines us and the human geography in which we act. Concepts such as ‘place’, ‘public space’, and ‘distance’ have undergone theoretical revolutions to adapt them to the new spatial experience typifying the Information Age.

Time, the Siamese twin of space, has gained considerably less attention. In fact, it is only in the past few years that engagement with the implications of the Information Age on our perception of time has begun to come to [...]


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New publication by Adriana Czernin

27.04.2013, 1–4 pm

New publication by Adriana Czernin

The publication with texts by Catharina Kahane and Martin Prinzhorn (ger/eng) is being published by DISTANZ Verlag and presents Adriana Czernin's works from recent years.

The limited special edition, each with an original drawing, is published in an edition of 18 copies.
In the drawings of this series Adriana Czernin excluded the depiction of physicality and focused entirely on the ornament. Jagged brown and black tendrils hook into one another and form a thicket of patterns and shapes. Through repetition and condensation the impression of deconstruction and fragmentation of an originally homogeneous pattern arises. In fact, it is a self-contained composition that creates new meanings through overlays.

Adriana Czernin
Ed. Martin Janda
with texts by Catharina Kahane and Martin Prinzhorn (d/e)
72 pages with 35 illustrations in colour, hardcover (22,5 x 27 cm)
ISBN 978-3-95476-020-6


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Martin Arnold: Split Shutter

Münzsalon, 29.05.–19.06.2013

Martin Arnold: Split Shutter

Martin Arnold, Tooth Eruption, 2013, Filmstill

With works by: Martin Arnold, John Bock, Heiner Franzen, Daniel Franke, Cedrik Kiefer

Münzsalon, Berlin


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Adriana Czernin: Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary

MSU Zagreb, 07.05.–16.06.2013

MSU Zagreb


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