Svenja Deininger: Second Chances First Impressions

Exhibition catalogue, Norton Museum of Art

Svenja Deininger: Second Chances First Impressions
ISBN-13: 978-0943411194
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This catalogue accompanies the first solo museum exhibition of Svenja Deininger's paintings in the United States: Svenja Deininger Second Chances First Impressions at the Norton Museum of Art, February 4 - April 16, 2017. Deininger is one of a new generation of abstract painters, aware of the rich history of abstraction, yet creating complex canvases originating from her sophisticated, knowledgeable and intuitive response to process, imagery, and materials. This exhibition of 22 canvases has been assembled with the artist's participation and explores specific themes of the last five years. The catalogue includes full color reproductions of all 22 paintings, an artist's chronology, exhibition history and selected bibliography, along with two new essays written by Max Henry and Agata Jastrzabek.

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