Peter Pommerer: The Black Angel's Dead Song

Peter Pommerer: The Black Angel's Dead Song
Nohara, 2008
ISBN 978-4-904257-02-9
€ 33.– (excl. shipping)

This is the first Japanese publication of collected drawings by Peter Pommerer, a leading German artist born in Stuttgart in 1968 and now based in Berlin. Alongside reproductions of 98 drawings, The Black Angel's Song includes new poems composed by the artist for this publication. Marked by forceful pencil strokes and lustrous color, Pommerer’s drawings boldly divide the picture plane with intricate detail. Brimming with vitality, these works invoke the almost primal joy of the creative experience.

Design: Makoto Yamamoto
204 Pages, hard cover
Size: 254 x 176 mm

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