Peter Pommerer. gleichversetzt

Peter Pommerer. gleichversetzt
Revolver Verlag, 1999
ISBN 978-3-9806326-9-0
€ 25.– (excl. shipping)

"Peter Pommerer is opening up a huge panorama of endless desires, exotic phantasies and fabulous creatures, sensitively drawn in narcotic connections, and displayed in a giant leporello, folding up to approximately 3,5 m length. Seeing as reading guarantees the pleasure of decoding the bizarre escapades Pommerer develops like a miniature cinema for the mind, presenting sometimes flimsy as well as handsome picture-poetry for players of all ages." (Raimar Stange)

Editor: Christoph Keller 
Text: Stefan Kalmar, Raimar Stange and Florian Waldvogel
40 pages with 22 coloured illustrations

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