Jakob Kolding

Jakob Kolding's collages, drawings and posters reflect a wide range of references and techniques that can be inscribed within the act of cut & paste reproduction. This technique of mixing opens up the possibility of engaging with diverse specific subjects such as architecture, visual arts, subculture, popular culture and social theory. Some early works by Kolding lead us to understand this dynamism as resembling Russian Suprematism, in particular the influence of El Lissitzky's approach to innovative typographies and photomontage. However, the artist's construction of a personal vocabulary based upon a play on repetition - where visual and textual elements of one montage are further repeated in continuous variations - has given an additional edge to this technique of appropriation. This has to do with a reminiscence of hip-hop culture and its constant present reconfiguration by younger generations.

Vergara Leire, Seize the City! Form and Function Re-mixed; in: All Audiences catalogue, Bilbao, 2006