Allen Ruppersberg: Who’s Afraid of the New Now?

New Museum, 03.12.2017

Allen Ruppersberg: Who’s Afraid of the New Now?

Allen Ruppersberg, Who’s Afraid of the New Now?, from the series Preview Suite, 1988

40 Artists in Dialogue

Borrowing its title from a work of the same name by Allen Ruppersberg—who had his first New York survey at the New Museum in 1985—the event features a selection of public conversations with artists whose exhibitions, works, and interventions have shaped and transformed the identity and history of the New Museum. Engaging in dialogue with each other, the forty artists will discuss an array of topics related to their practice, their history with the Museum, and beyond.
The Museum is offering free admission for all visitors and extended museum hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on December 2 and 3. The Museum will also reinstall Bruce Nauman’s iconic video No, No New Museum (Clown Torture Series) (1987) in the Museum’s window, just as the work was originally presented during Nauman’s solo exhibition at the Museum in 1987.

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