ARCO Madrid

26.02.–01.03.2020, Stand 7A01

ARCO Madrid

Nilbar Güres, Mutter Maria über dem Bügeltisch, 2019

Galerie Martin Janda is showing works by Nilbar Güreş & Július Koller in the SOLO/DUO section at ARCO Madrid 2020.

Both artists are dealing with concepts of identities, investigating them from psychological, social and political perspectives.

Seeing and being seen, concealing and revealing. Nilbar Güreş examines socio-political constructions of gender and cultural identities against the background of colonialism, and the manipulation of cultures by monotheistic religions. Diverging from a modern Western world view, structured by oppositions – culture/nature, mind/body, self/other – she engages with new possible forms of representation for female, queer and cultural identity.

In 1969, Július Koller inscribed a question mark onto the surface of a tennis court. This became the ideal icon for the ambiguity and uncertainty of the times, following the Prague Spring and the ensuing Soviet invasion. But the question mark also had an elasticity that could stretch beyond the localised and apply to the universal: questioning state defined concepts of art as well as the identity of the artist and his role in society in Communist Czechoslovakia.

Nilbar Güreş, born 1977 in Istanbul (TR), lives and works in Vienna and Istanbul.
Július Koller (1939–2007) was born in Piestany (SK), he lived and worked in Bratislava (SK).

Find us at booth Booth 7A01!

We are happy that Fundación ARCO selected Tania Pérez Córdova as a focus artist for this year's fair and will show a selection of her works in the ARCO lounge!


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