Nilbar Güreş: Paroles Paroles

Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Brüssel, Belgien, 17.03.–21.05.2023

Nilbar Güreş: Paroles Paroles

Nilbar Güreş, SOYUNMA / UNDRESSING, 2006, HD Ein-Kanal-Video, Edition 5/5 + 1 A.P.

The exhibition paroles paroles brings together three artists who explore language in a feminist way. Delphine Deguislage, Elyse Galiano and Nilbar Güreş are aware of the significance of words, of the mechanisms by which language can create hierarchies and generate discrimination. Through their use of language and text, they seek both to deconstruct the injunctions made to women and to create possibilities for emancipation. To do this, Delphine Deguislage, Elyse Galiano and Nilbar Güreş hijack and reappropriate language, deconstruct quotes and choose their words with precision. They will also name the forgotten, from invisibilised women to discredited authors.

While each has a specific approach to language - written or spoken - Delphine Deguislage, Elyse Galiano and Nilbar Güreş have in common that they draw on their personal memories and experiences. This is also evident in the materials and textile objects they use, in the gestures they reproduce: all are familiar and domestic. The private sphere and the public domain coincide to generate a new space for dialogue, thus inviting us to rethink the representation of women.

With the exhibition paroles paroles, Delphine Deguislage, Elyse Galiano and Nilbar Güreş demonstrate that words are anything but hollow.

Nilbar Güreş (°1977, Turkey) holds a Bachelor's degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University (Istanbul) and a Master's degree in painting and graphic design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. After obtaining her Master's degree, the artist studied pedagogy at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Nilbar Güreş's practice covers photography, video, film, painting, performance, sculpture, installation and mixed media collage on fabric. Her works move away from the autobiographical dimension to address broader issues. Nilbar Güreş is particularly sensitive to social injustices, gender roles and cultural identity codes. She researches, documents and finds poetic ways to deconstruct conventions in witty representations.

Nilbar Güreş lives and works in Vienna and Istanbul. She has received several international awards and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world. In 2023, she participated in the exhibition mixed up with others before we even begin at MUMOK in Vienna. She is represented by the Martin Janda Gallery (Vienna).


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