Nilbar Güres: ZOO – Zones Of Otherness

MoMUS – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, 08.05.–17.05.2019

Nilbar Güres: ZOO – Zones Of Otherness

Nilbar Güres, Headstanding Totem, 2014

The ZOO photography exhibition is an attempt to highlight the multiple identities and elements of diversity in the city today. The Zoo, a place with a unique logic of organization,
where animals from different parts of the world coexist in a miniature of their natural environment, becomes a comprehensive vehicle for the city. Fifteen artists in fifteen selected public places of the city compose a new allegory, a new field of emerging places and images.

The complex world of the zoo is being used as a theoretical starting point for the concept of the photography exhibition of 15 young artists from Northern Europe as part of this year’s SKG BRIDGES Festival 2019. The internal incompatibilities and tensions of zoo, a place with a unique internal organizational logic, where animals from different parts of the world, each in a miniature of its natural surroundings, compose a supralocal allegory, forming a field of multiple emerging places and images, multiple intakes of identity and alterity. The chosen pieces, scattered around 15 sites in the city, in plain view, act as vehicles for the representation of those kind of forms of identity and alterity in today’s urban space.

MoMUS – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography


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