Nilbar Güres: Still Burning

Varbergs Konsthall: 02.02.–28.04.2019

Nilbar Güres: Still Burning

Nilbar Güres, Her vagina is in her hair; when I was a child, I wished to draw about patriarchalism, 2014

The feminist struggle, political change and ideas about resistance are the focus of the international group exhibition Still Burning, presented at Varbergs konsthall. To mark the centenary of women's rights in Sweden, 10 artists explore the life of women between 1919 – 2019 from a global and local perspective. Across 20 strong works, newly produced as well as borrowed artefacts from archives in the province of Halland, the exhibition highlights the woman's position in society now and then.

The participating artists are Heba Y Amin (Egypt), Anna Uddenberg (Sweden) Lady Skollie (South Africa), Åsa Jungnelius (Sweden), Mary Maggic (USA/China), Kristina Johansson (Sweden), Nilbar Güreş (Turkey) Sisters of Jam (Sweden) and Saadia Hussain (Sweden/Pakistan). The exhibition is curated by Giulia Casalini and Camilla Påhlsson.

Still Burning is a major theme-based exhibition and research project which tracks the history of feminism from the year 1919 until the present day. This was the year the Swedish parliament approved a proposal to extend the rights to vote and hold office for women.

Varbergs Konsthall


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