Svenja Deininger: Borderline Relation

Eastwards Prospectus, 25.01.–24.03.2018

Svenja Deininger: Borderline Relation

Borderline Relation exhibition showcases, on both floors of the gallery, works by Marieta Chirulescu, Felipe Cohen, Svenja Deininger, Caroline Duchatelet, Vlatka Horvat, Željko Jerman, Ivan Moudov, Ulay, Ignacio Uriarte and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt. The exhibition offers an opportunity to reflect on the relations between artistic practices that emerged in different temporal, geopolitical, social and economic contexts. This can affect the perception of the concept of a work of art and, above all, the conditions of production in which it is created. This is the reason why the exhibition brings together artists of different generations, some of them being already very famous and holding acclaimed historical artistic positions, while others are emerging of younger generations.

“Through the various artistic approaches involved, Borderline Relation exhibition presents intimate, individual stories that lie behind elements specific to contemporary artworks, and guide us to experience the works here and now. Thus, the viewer is drawn into a choreography of unknown conceptual gestures and subtle formal interventions that directly seek to create a tension between historical ideas and contemporaneity, between experience and non-experience, between the visual and the non-visual. Therefore, Borderline Relation is a compendium of small intimate confessions which reveal a global society marked by an obsessive quest for possessions, while drowning in the infinity of their complete devaluation”, says Tevž Logar.

Eastwards Prospectus


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