Roman Ondák: A Certain State of Mind

Luis Adelantado, 21.11.2015–14.01.2016

Roman Ondák: A Certain State of Mind

Roman Ondák. Our Son Watching His Parents, 1998

The showing—co-curated by Solene Guillier (gb agency) and Olga Adelantado—has managed to bring together artists with a distinguished international career. This visual trap is conceptualized from the perspective of the following artists: Ting-Ting Cheng, Ryan Gander, Mark Geffriaud, Rubén Guerrero, Roman Ondák and the newly incorporated Yann Sérandour. The exhibition will display pieces in different formats: installation, photography, light and irony. The truth is that—in appropriate doses—irony is
a part of perception, its nuances and complex and everyday ideas, while it is also materialized in conceptual works. We here find a calmed transgression, blurred limits, which are completed by the viewer’s gaze. We will view the most recent works of Ting-Ting Cheng, a Taiwanese artist who has collaborated with our gallery since 2013. His series of pictures You See What I See invites us to reflect on the control on information found in public libraries books: subtlety, not hiding reality, the power of words to direct our thoughts and therefore our attitude. His work is related to the approach of consolidated French artist Mark Geffriaud, who presents editorial material which was never meant for distribution. A publication that becomes the art object dreamt by the artist. With his distinctive meticulous work—which brings him to some extent closer to a historiographical labor—, we find Yann Sérandour. His artwork for this exhibition challenges us and returns a reflection of undefined limits. His Untitled installation is linked to an essay about the conceptual artist Daniel Buren. In a kind of illusion that appeals to our intellect, the installation of Slovakian artist Roman Ondák generates in a single piece a fictional conversation with the director of the gallery. Linked to this ironic idea of a visual trap, the work of renowned artist Ryan Gander will be displayed for the first time in
Valencia. His artistic experimentation process seeks to rebuild space through dislocated materials (a suspended fiberglass balloon, lamps designed with everyday objects, an alchemy box…). In that vein, the gallery artist Ruben Guerrero goes forward in his research on the limits of painting in the 21st century and presents three paintings in which he vindicates the gesture of the ephemeral as a part of painting.

About the artists
Ting-Ting Cheng (Taiwan, 1985). Lives in London, where he completed an MFA in photography at Goldsmiths College. Although very young, his works form part of the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts collection, as well as that of the National Taiwan Museum. He has participated in several art fairs and exhibitions in Europe and Asia. In the last four years, he has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, the Grand Siecle (Taiwan), Identity (Hong Kong), Rowan Arts (London) and the Before Exhibition (Hungary).
Ryan Gander (1976, England). Award-winning British conceptual artist, whose awards include the prestigious Zurich Art award (2009), the Bâloise Art Prize of Basel (2006) and the ABN AMRO prize (2006). In the last five years, he has consolidated his career with nearly forty solo and collective exhibitions. He today—also—teaches at the Royal Academy in London. Mark Geffriaud (1977, France). Works with the concept of association as a way of composing his works, exploring the arbitrariness of the institutional way of building meaning. He has had solo exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and the gb agency. He has also participated collectively in the Biennale de Lyon and the Centre Pompidou (Paris).
Roman Ondák (1966, Slovakia). His steps in Spain have been significant, in 2013, he participated in Reina Sofia Museum’s Crystal Palace. He has also participated in CA2M in
Madrid and Invocable Reality at MACBA (Barcelona). In recent years, he featured in exhibitions at the Museo Tamayo (Mexico), the Deutsche Guggenheim (Berlin), the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and Kunsthaus Zurich.
Yann Sérandour (France, 1974). Second participation after his last season solo exhibition at Galería Luis Adelantado. He also had solo exhibitions at the CNEAI (National Center of Printed Art) in Chatou in 2007 and the Palais de Tokyo in 2008 in France. His works can be found in several public collections, including: Fonds national dart contemporain, Puteaux and CGAC Santiago de Compostela.
Ruben Guerrero (Spain, 1976). Emerging from the Seville school of painting, he has presented his paintings in solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Rome, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Miami. Experiencing growing recognition for his pictorial prowess, Guerrero’s works form part of the DKV, CocaCola Foundation, Cañada Blanch Foundation and the Real Maestranza de Sevilla collections.

Luis Adelantado


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