Roman Ondák: A Fragile But Marvelous Life

Aspen Art Museum, 20.11.2015–07.02.2016

Taking its inspiration from artist Allan Kaprow’s Happenings—“something spontaneous, something that just happens to happen”—A Fragile But Marvelous Life presents a series of works that investigate the relationship between everyday movement and performance. The exhibition examines the notion of performance as not only the execution of an action, but also as a mode of behavior.
Organized by Aspen Art Museum Curator Courtenay Finn, A Fragile But Marvelous Life includes works by Robert Breer, Roelof Louw, Roman Ondák, Mika Rottenberg, Emily Roysdon, Cally Spooner, Sergei Tcherepnin, and Ian Wilson.

Aspen Art Museum


Kategorie: Ausstellungen

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