Nilbar Güres: Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment

Arter, 24.01.–07.04.2013

"Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment" is the second in the exhibition series that focuses on new productions scheduled to take place annually in Arter's programme. The three terms brought together in the title of the exhibition are used as keywords for expressing social, cultural and political memory within contemporary artistic discourse and initiate an intellectual process resulting in the creation and production of a series of new works. The exhibition aims to explore these three interconnected concepts that precede, follow and complete each other in a broad web of causality, in a wide perspective that incorporates diverse contexts ranging from political and social violence to the media; from careerist concerns and ambitions to gender politics; from potentialities of "friendship" and "solidarity" to "aggressive" and "destructive" drives.

In a world where hostility and conflicts between individuals and nations are deliberately provoked and war has become universalised, "Envy, [...]


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Jakub Julian Ziolkowski: Raw Thoughts

Hauser&Wirth, 19.01.–15.03.2013

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski: Raw Thoughts

Hauser & Wirth opens the year with Jakub Julian Ziolkowski’s exhibition ‘Raw Thoughts’. In these new works, the young Polish artist invents a surreal and transgressive universe that is both foreign and familiar, with forms and creatures that appear to have surfaced from the wildest of dreams and nightmares.

The exhibition draws the viewer into Ziolkowski’s world, inhabited by bizarre hybrids of flesh, organs, tentacles, and giant eyes. The references to art history in his works are unmistakable, whether to the grotesque masks of James Ensor, the pictorial idiom of Philip Guston and Henri Rousseau, or the visions of heaven and hell of Hieronymus Bosch.

One series of paintings depicts the life and crucifixion of Bananus, or as Ziolkowski describes, ‘the modern pop-religious king of the new city in a new century, born in a cheap hospital, who died young’. The banana appears in this cycle as a recurring prop or, at times, as the [...]


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