Nilbar Güreş: As Long As You Stand by Me

Toplocentrala /White Cube - Regional Center for Contemporary Arts, Sofia, Bulgarien, 26.04.—25.05.2022

Nilbar Güreş: As Long As You Stand by Me

Ausstellungsansicht As Long as You Stand by Me; Foto: Nilbar Güreş

On the exhibition’s opening day (26.04), at 8 pm, Nevena Ekimova’s performance ‘Don’t Touch the Floor’, 2010, 2022 will take place.
‘As any game, this one, too, is a lot more fun when you don’t play alone.’ (N. E.)

Today, more than ever, we are challenged to support ideas and values, narratives and truths, multiple horizons of the future. Our support comes in more than just words, it comes in deeds. We physically stand for principles and by people as they form territories, lines and multitudes, boundaries and barricades, trenches and processions. Support is presence, a measurable distance, a physical and mental common ground, choice, and care.

The exhibition ‘As Long as You Stand by Me’ unfolds in the spirit of the present day and events. It is the first exhibition to take place in the gallery of RCCA ‘Toplocentrala’ and marks the beginning of the visual arts program at the center. Five [...]


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Tania Pérez Córdova: Shifting the Silence

SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA, 09.04.—05.09.2022

Tania Pérez Córdova: Shifting the Silence

Tania Pérez Córdova, Images 4, 2017, Glas aus ausgetauschtem Museumsfenster

Shifting the Silence features dynamic works by thirty-two women artists who use the radical language of abstraction to enhance our understanding of the world we inhabit. Named after artist Etel Adnan’s 2020 book about history and existence, Shifting the Silence embraces experimentation, impermanence, and subjectivity — bold yet poetic characteristics that mark the art of our time.

Featuring recently acquired works by Firelei Báez, Nairy Baghramian, Liz Hernández, Cinthia Marcelle, Tania Pérez Córdova, Lorna Simpson, and Haegue Yang, the exhibition harnesses their defiant, yet enlightened energy to explore visual culture, the motivations of its practitioners, and its varied influences. This experiential exhibition of art produced over the last quarter-century includes sculpture, photography, textile, video, painting, and time-based installation.




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SPARK Art Fair 2022

25.03.–27.03.2022 / Booth G7

SPARK Art Fair 2022

Melanie Ebenhoch, After the Flash Light (Secret Beyond the Door), 2022, Öl auf Kunstharz, Ø 110 cm

SPARK Art Fair 2022
Booth G7

Die Galerie Martin Janda zeigt an der Spark Art Fair 2022 eine Solopräsentation von Melanie Ebenhoch.

Unter dem Titel Secret Beyond the Door präsentiert Ebenhoch eine neue Serie von Gemälden. Ihre runde Form erinnert an einen großen Hut. Ausgehend von einer Serie kleinerer "Reisehütchen" spielt Ebenhoch mit dieser Form und den Assoziationen, die sie auslöst – Hut, Brustwarze, Busen, Auge mit Pupille und Iris, Linse, Türklinke, Lichtschalter – sowie mit symbolischen Codierungen. Im Zusammenspiel mit stilistischen Elementen der illusionistischen Malerei verwendet sie Zeichen der [...]


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Hugo Canoilas: Sculptured in Darkness

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum – Temporäre Galerie, Lissabon, Portugal, 18.02. – 30.05.2022

Hugo Canoilas: Sculptured in Darkness

Hugo Canoilas, Pablo & Pinot, 2021, high fluid acrylic on wool. Photo: Daniel Malhão

This individual exhibition features an immersive and sensory installation that follows a research around the sea floor initiated by Hugo Canoilas in 2020.

The Centro de Arte Moderna invited Hugo Canoilas to create a project specifically for the temporary exhibitions gallery of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. This project continues the artist’s research, initiated in 2020, into life on the sea floor and ‘aquatic’ environments, proposing an immersive and sensory installation inhabited by creatures, painting-sculptures to which colour, texture, fluidity and an organic nature give an almost alchemical quality, as though they were in the midst of a metamorphosis right before our eyes.

Curator: Rita Fabiana


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation



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Jun Yang: Freezing Point – Kunst unter Null Grad Celsius

Villa Merkel, Galerien der Stadt Esslingen, Esslingen am Neckar, Deutschland, 13.02.—18.05.2022

Jun Yang: Freezing Point – Kunst unter Null Grad Celsius

Jun Yang, Das Eis des Kaisers von China Foto: Birgit Bauernfeind

Valentino Biagio Berndt und Marlon Lanziner, Marja Helander, Anastasia Mityukova, Carsten Nicolai, Emma Stibbon, Fridolin Walcher, Jun Yang

Der Fokus der Gruppenausstellung liegt auf den ästhetischen und faszinierenden Aspekten der Naturphänomene Eis und Schnee. Sieben zeitgenössische Positionen zum Thema werden versammelt.

Von der Entstehung eines einzelnen mikroskopisch kleinen Schneekristalls zur romantischen Sehnsuchtslandschaft über Expeditionen bis zur Geschichte des Speiseeises entfaltet sich in der Ausstellung eine Bandbreite von Themen. Geographische Schwerpunkte befinden sich unter anderem in den Schweizer Alpen, in der Heimatregion der Sámi im Norden Europas und in Grönland. Fotografie und Zeichnung sind in der Ausstellung ebenso vertreten wie Installationen und Video. Die Ästhetik der Naturphänomene wird [...]


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Adrien Tirtiaux: 4 x 4

WARP - Contemporary art platform, Sint Niklaas, Belgien, 05.02.—06.03.2022

Adrien Tirtiaux: 4 x 4

Adrien Tirtiaux, Bruggen bouwen, 2013

Adrien Tirtiaux shows his ‘Project Box’ with all the material related to the epic work ‘Bruggen bouwen’ realised with Coup de Ville 2013.

A performative bridge connecting the art school of Sint-Niklaas, a building in early brutalist style, with a flat roof on the other side of the street. Starting from a classroom, the structure was built step by step according to “intuitive statics”.


WARP - Contemporary art platform



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